I will help you run your blog consistently...

I will make sure your blog runs at a smooth pace without compromising the quality

I can help you with...

Blog analysis

 I check out the present scenario of your blog to determine what are its strengths that we can use and what are its weaknesses we need to work on.

Competitor research
& analysis

Unlike what most bloggers believe, it is highly important for one to conduct a thorough competitor analysis to figure out what is it that is working for them.

Framing content calendar

Following keyword research, I work on preparing the content calendar for a week which includes topics, targeted keywords and other details like the targeted audience, CTA’s to be added if any, etc.

Weekly keyword research

Every week, I conduct fresh keyword research on the basis of the current scenario of the marketplace, making sure that I miss no trending topic.


Once the schedule is ready, I get to writing. Framing good content takes a lot of research and that is what I follow through. I ensure that every piece I write is SEO optimized and is well-structured.


Once, the content is ready, I then publish it on your blog and walla! The magic is done.

blog management service

I will handle your blog efficiently...

When It Comes To Blogging. Pace Of Publishing & Quality Of Blogs Hold The Primary Importance. Being a content writer is one of the blessings that I love to share. With my knowledge of SEO and content writing, I make a perfect persona for the blog manager that you are looking for. My blog management services include the utmost quality and well-driven research.


My proud clients...

Frequent content creation

I will help search, create, and publish content periodically on your platform, encouraging search engines to crawl your website regularly and rank your website on relevant and focused set of keywords.

SEO optimised content

I specialize in creating SEO optimized content keeping the set of keywords in mind that you wish to target. All pieces of content that leave my desk are optimized to rank. Right from Keyword research, keyword distribution, and adding proper tags, I take care of it all.

Generate organic traffic

With just web pages you get. limited space to include keywords. However, with blogging, you expand your chances of including more and more keywords.

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Let's develop your blog strategy that will bring you more & more traffic...

Maximizing your blog juice while keeping your involvement to a minimum.

My journal

Anil Sharma
Anil Sharma
Vaishali was great to work with, Recommended!!
Lauren Pacifico
Lauren Pacifico
I'm a huge fan of your digital marketing services and have always had a nice experience. I feel like I get a lot of value for the price and I receive quick communication if I ever have any questions. I highly recommend Growth Hack Expert to any business in need of amazing digital marketing services. Vaishali is so friendly and an expert in her field!!
Khalid Gaur
Khalid Gaur
Working with Vaishali for last two year. she is very responsive and deliver the things on time.
shiv mittu
shiv mittu
A very committed digital marketer who has helped me grow online. With her you will get 100% guaranteed results.
mainak biswas
mainak biswas
Vaishali is a committed and creative person. I have tried many of her services, and all of them were proper value for money. Highly recommended!
Melissa Caluya
Melissa Caluya
Always on-time, very professional and takes the time to break down complex concepts into under stable terms for me. I highly recommend if you want to see improvement in your business.