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Copywriting 101 | Tips To Writing A Strong Sales Copy! 

Are you struggling to create a good sales page for your upcoming launch? Don’t know where to start your Sales copy? Do not sweat. 

Below, I am going to share with you all the secret ingredients to creating a strong sales copy for your business online. 

Before, we start, let’s welcome everyone who is new to my blog. 

Here, on Growth Hack Expert Blog, I share digital marketingcopywriting, and solopreneur tips to help people with similar interests. After being in this industry for a decade, I have a lot to share and this is where you will find everything I have learned over the years. 

For example, here, I am going to explain the complete process of creating a strong sales page for your business. This short tutorial is best for every service-based business that is thinking of creating a good sales page on their website. This also works well with any product-based business too. 

The list of ingredients that will help you master your sales page 

1. Headline

The headline is equivalent to the shortest sales pitch. If you manage to crack that right, half of your job is already done. 

This might sound a bit of an exaggeration to you but, it is a fact. The job of a headline is to fetch the attention of the people scrolling through millions of similar pages and articles. 

The purpose of the headline is to hook your prospects, introduce your product or service, show its benefits, and create interest for the readers to move forward. 

The question is – how to fit all of this in a short headline? 

This is where the experience and talent of a #copywriter jump in. Make sure that you write a headline that you think will speak directly to the audience and will make them want to read the copy. 

Some Tips to write catchy headlines – 

🟣 Know your target audience 

🟣 Keep it simple and crisp

🟣 Implement keywords 

🟣 Make it interesting

🟣 Always use an active voice 

🟣 Make a promise you can live up to

🟣 Make it informative

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Indoctrination is something that comes right after your headline and before you start to pitch your sale. In short, it is a build-up that you get to create before you start selling your service or product. 

This is the part of the article where you actually start to communicate with your reader. You need to make a good impression here to ensure that they are hooked on the idea. 

Although it is a small paragraph, it takes a lot to weave this part of the article. But I assure you, it is worth spending time creating this part. 

This is the part where you tell your reader about who you are and why what you say matters to them. Here, you should add a touch of empathy to motivate them to stay on your piece. 

The catch here is to speak to your prospects’ immediate fears, needs, and interests. This is what will keep them hooked. 

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3. Problem statement & Solution 

The basic concept of pitching your service or product is to understand why they were created. What exactly is the purpose of the product or service you are offering? 

It is in our human nature that we focus more on problems than on their solutions. This is why it is critical that you clearly state the problem your product or service is built to target. 

If you proceed with focusing on your prospects’ problems, you are more likely to connect with your prospects emotionally

Remember, there is a thin line between stating a problem and sprinkling salt on the wounds. So, be very careful while creating a problem statement. If not, you are more likely to make prospects feel alienated, attacked, or even misunderstood. 

So, in short, while creating a sales page, you need to make sure that you focus on a specific problem that your service or product is targeting to solve. 

Now that you are done stating the problem, it is time you start explaining what its solution is. Remember to specify the solution that makes an impact on the reader’s mind. 

Always make sure that you have to make readers believe in the solution you are offering before you start to sell it to them. 

4. The offer

This is the part of the sales page where you introduce your solution – service or product. Always pitch your solution in a way that is the easiest, simplest, and fastest solution to the problem you defined above. 

It is time to focus on the USP of your product or service. To crack this section, here are a few tips. Always breakdown this section into the following subsections – 

🟣 What it is

🟣 How it works 

🟣 Where to get it

🟣 How much will it cost

🟣 What to expect out of it

Breaking down what you offer into these sections will help you engage the interest of the prospects while making the offer irresistible to them by offering a greater gap between the value and the price. 

5. Benefits

Now that we have covered what you have to offer, let’s get to the part – why? It is time you start to talk about why your prospect should buy the service or products you have to offer. 

So, answer the question – What’s in there for them? 

This section of the sales page will contain deeper information on the things your product or service does on top of the big promise that you already shared. Unlike the section before, you can go all crazy about the relatable and specific benefits of your products and services. 

What I have noticed over the years is that most people confuse features with benefits. For example for a toy – “batteries included” is a feature whereas “make your child’s day with this precious gift” is the benefit. 

So, be very clear. 

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6. Building authority

Building social authority for the service or the product you have to offer is another very critical part of a sales page. Adding testimonials, reviews, press coverage, credentials, experienced and more is what can help build authority significantly. 

Now, I personally believe that it is not essential to have all these things in one section. In fact, it is important to spread it all across the sales page. 

7. Scarcity 

Another highlight of a sales page is to build a feeling of scarcity for your product or service. It is human nature that this scarcity adds to the appeal. 

The common types of scarcity you can play around with are – 

🟣 Limited Discount 

🟣 Limited Stock 

🟣 Limited Time Bonuses 

🟣 Limited Offer 

You can play around with this feature during special events like – birthdays, anniversaries, occasions, and more. 

7. Call-to-action

Another very important part of a sales page, without which it is incomplete is – “Call-to-Action”. Remember it should be very clear, straight forward and even placed where it can fetch eyes. 

Some effective calls to action is – 

🟣 Order now 

🟣 Get instant access 

🟣 Enrol now 

Now, do not just place it in one section but spread it all across the copy. 

These are some really effective tips for you to create a strong sales page. Once you are done creating the copy, make sure you give it a good read and ensure that everything you have added is accurate. Also, make sure that it is clear, precise, and still catchy. 

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