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Bringing & Growing opportunities

Accelerating Your Business Online!

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Growing your business online using digital marketing as a tool

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Getting more leads via different online channels is what We do

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Making your business into a brand is what We offer

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Bring more people on the platform with digital marketing

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Lets’ Check Your Website Stats

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    What Can We Offer?

    Our Expertise

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    We can help you rank your website on the first page of the search engine by using the white hat SEO techniques. With the experience of 7years, we can assure you to bring to you the best results when it comes to SEO.

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    Social media platforms have become a potential playground for businesses to reach, target, and get business from across the world. The only problem is that it is not as easy as it seems, but we have the team of dedicated social media marketers, who will create a SMM strategy that would work for you.

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    Content marketing is something really powerful when it comes to digital marketing. No digital marketing plan is complete without a well-curated content marketing strategy. A good content marketing plan would involve all the aspects that one can target online using content as a tool say, guest blogging, blogging, PR, and even ORM.

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    PPC / Google Ads

    PPC is one of the most adaptive strategies in digital marketing that assures instant results. This strategy, pay per click also goes by the name Google Ads. This is a paid technique that is used to rank your website/landing page on the top of the search engine. we can tell you more about it here.

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    Website Development Consultant

    The website is the major component of your online presence which needs to be done. We can help you connect with the best website developers in the market with the experience needed to design and develop a breathtaking website with great user experience and performance.

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    Spreading the word of your business across different news channels can help your business turn into a brand. With our assistance, you can reach millions of people and get adequate PR and ORM attention.

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    Content Writing / Copywriting

    “Content is King”, you might have read this phrase over and over again, neglecting the actual role it has in boosting your business online. Tapping into the pool of opportunities, Content has to offer is what we do the best. You can not only express but also indulge customers to take action and buy stuff with a well-written piece of content.

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    Blog Management

    Starting a blog is easy, but the challenge comes when one struggles to manage the blog. Are you not getting any new topic ideas? Don’t know how to improve your blog’s performance? Your blogs are not ranking? Do you need to increase the publishing frequency? Whatever the problem is, we have the solution.

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    Pictures/Graphics speak louder than the words. With the team of excellent and experienced graphic designers, you will get the best color splashed graphics for your website, social media, and more. Right from logo designing to web designing to social media graphics, we can help you in it all.

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    What Can I Offer?

    My Expertise

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    We make your businesses stand out no matter what

    Our Process

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    Consultation Call

    Here we understand your business plan & requirement

    Competitor Analysis

    Understanding the strategies your competitors are using

    Customized Plan

    Building a customized Digital marketing plan that will help your business grow

    Implementing the Plan

    Taking the plan to action for your business growth

    Monthly Report Generation

    Tracking, reporting & analysis made easy for you

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    Want to Know How Digital Marketing Can Help You ?

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    Paving A Path To Success Through Digital Excellence

    A Step Forward To Exceeding All Expectations

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    Digital marketing is one of the strongest tools today that you have to help you expand the business globally, even if you are stuck in one corner of the world. Regardless of where you are, what you are doing, what kind of business you are running, having a good digital marketing plan can never hurt. Still, wondering what exactly can digital marketing do for you? Scroll down and you would know.

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    Should You Spend Your Hard Earned Money On Digital Marketing?
    [vc_column_text]Doing business is a challenge these days, considering all the competition. Now that everything is going digital, it has become important that you also consider going online. With the changing scenario, along with buyers, customers, and clients growing smarter, it is a necessity to bring your best online. This is where digital marketing jumps in. With the right kind of digital marketing strategy, you can market your products, services, and even your talent globally, acquiring more business from around the world.[/vc_column_text]
    Why Should You Hire An Expert?
    [vc_column_text]A successful online business journey starts with having a business website and moving to create the right online marketing strategy. A good strategy will help you get More targeted traffic to your website, High ranking on different keywords, More Sales through an online platform and Global Recognition. An expert can help you achieve it all without you even lifting a finger.[/vc_column_text]
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    Trusting A Digital Marketing Company Over A Freelance Digital Marketer?
    Is It A Good Idea?

    Most often our clients ask us, why should we hire a digital marketing agency over a freelance digital marketer who is charging way less. The answer is quite simple. No matter the cost, the quality of work a company can do cannot be compared to what a freelancer could provide. With the experienced team, there are high chances of getting results and improving the website’s overall performance. With a team at your disposal, you can be sure of stepping ahead.

    Read More About Why It Is A Good Idea To Pick A Digital Marketing Company Over A Freelance Digital Marketer.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column_inner][vc_column_inner width=”1/2″][/vc_column_inner][/vc_row_inner][vc_empty_space height=”100px”]

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    Our Journey

    Let's Discuss A Bit About Us

    [vc_column_text]Our journey began with a passionate founder’s dream to stand out among all the digital marketers. Although she started the journey alone, with time more and more sparkling young people kept joining her at her adventure of finding the best digital marketing strategies for different businesses. With the combined vision of excellent and ambitious digital marketers, we have successfully helped several businesses mark their presence online, above their competitors.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Beating the odds to find the right digital marketing strategy for your business.[/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space]
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    How link building can help you boost your business online?

    Links in general can’t help improve your website’s status, but building quality backlinks on authority websites can definitely boost your website online.

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    Content Optimization Tips

    “Content is King”. This phrase is true when it comes to digital marketing. Optimizing content is a challenge. Here is the complete list of tips.

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    A Complete Guide To Blogging For Budding Bloggers

    Are you interested in blogging? If yes, this is the complete blogging guide for beginners. Do check it out before you step foot on this exciting journey.

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    Latest Seo Trends

    Learn about the latest SEO trends rooting in the year 2020 and going beyond. Interested? Check these trends now.

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    Why Are We The Right Choice For Your Digital Marketing Services?

    Seogirl is one of the creative, out-of the box thinking team of digital marketers that come up with the exciting and efficient digital marketing strategy, customized for your business. Our motto stands to help you nurture your business towards glory and success. We have the team of skilled SEO professionals, social media marketers, PPC experts, website developers, and more, who can help you achieve everything your business could through digital marketing services.

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    Proud Moments

    Our Happy Clients

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    chandigargh metro
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    tyb logo
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    roc logo
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    b music
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    rohit suri law
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    blue hill
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    top app
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    online drift
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    Growing your Business

    Our Blogging Awesome News

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    Subscribe for Newsletter

    Never miss any update

    Signup for our newsletter and always have something interesting to checkout and offers you can’t ignore

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      Reviews From Happy Clients

      Client Testimonials

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      Mr. P.S Dhillon

      Co-Founder DatatoBiz

      “Seogirl team has been real supportive since day one. With their extensive knowledge of SEO and team of passionate content writers, they have managed to take our business to another level by creating the best-customized content as well as a social media marketing strategy.”

      Mr. Sandeep

      Founder ROI Minds

      “Vaishali is extremely talented and has a good hold on what she knows and has to do to help your business succeed. Our experience together has been great and she really helped us grow our business to the next level.”

      Mr. Ajaydeep Singh

      Founder Chandigarhmetro

      “Vaishali is one of the passionate writers who indulge in the work and function on the fundamentals of excelling. With the experience, she has the dedication to work with fervor of excelling. Our time together was great and I really appreciate the work she has done.”

      Mr. Ashwin

      Co-Founder Vibez Estates & Krishi direct

      “Vaishali really helped us through content and SEO. Her vision of creating fresh and new content targeted to rank and generate leads through SEO really helped grow our business online. It is a great pleasure working with her.”

      Mr. Jaspal Singh

      Founder Savedelete

      “Seogirl has been a great support to my blog. Right from selecting the best blog topics to creating a customized and seo-optimized content for my blog, they have helped me throughout. Their vision of beating the old methods have led us to the top.”