Exciting Edtech trends to follow!

Exciting EdTech Trends You Must Know About! 

With the growing adaption of technology in almost every industry, you must be curious to discover what’s next in our ever-growing education field. The good thing about EdTech or any technology, for that matter, is that there is always a scope for “something new”. Today, we will take you through the list of emerging technologies in education that you can expect to be driving the industry forward. Every education business that wishes to grow must understand the basic necessity of “moving forward with the trend or becoming a trendsetter”. By upgrading your ed-tech business with all these new technologies, you can simply be revolutionizing not just your business but the whole industry. 

The highlight of this is that many companies offer services in all the following technologies – building, integrating, and upgrading them. If you wish to upgrade your education business, it is best to contact an expert technology consultant to understand how things work. 

Below, I have the list of technologies that you must consider taking advantage of – 

1. Augmented Reality

Whenever there is a talk about EdTech, Augmented reality always interests people. As mentioned by Maryville, “Augmented reality superimposes sounds, videos, and graphics onto an existing environment. It uses four main components to superimpose images on current environments: cameras and sensors, processing, projection, and reflection”. With the help of AR technology, you can improve your EdTech business significantly by using visual content that captures the attention of your audience. A few efficient AR apps for EdTech are – Anatomy 4D, Elements 4D, Aug, etc. 

2. Educational Robots

Counted as one of the biggest trends in  EdTech, educational robots have recently presented themselves with a new perspective, especially for businesses focusing on remote learning. These conversational robots enable children to learn through interactions. Through this, you can seriously enhance your business by offering this appealing AI-powered educational robot. The question, however, is how do you create one?  This is where I jump in. From finding the right team to help you bring your dream to reality, 

3. Gamification of things

In recent times where kids are hooked to laptops, pcs, and mobiles, empowering these devices to teach is something that will make a great difference. Thanks to the advancements in VR technology, you can now gamify the learning experience. As the demand rises for high-quality education, the adoption of gamified education strategies is rising with time. In case you are looking for VR experts, I can help you find the right solutions. All you have to do is contact me.

Bottom Line

These are just a few technologies that have been surfacing on top of the education industry. Although there is nothing that you haven’t heard of before, the advancements in each one of these folds of EdTech can do wonders for your business growth. Understanding whom to hire and who to call when it comes to technology development is the basic challenge that one faces. Focused on finding the solution, I have gathered a lot of exposure in the industry to find you the right people for anything and everything you need. 

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