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The Key To Writing A Succesful SEO Optimized Article | Become A Pro Seo Content Writer! 

If you have landed here, you certainly were looking for some SEO content writing tips and if you have landed on this page by searching one of these terms (keywords) – Seo article writing, Seo content, Seo content writing, Seo copywriting, Seo articles, or Freelance content writer then this piece is definitely a good example of an SEO optimized content. Before moving on, I am assuming that you are aware of the following terms – 

  • SEO – Search engine optimization
  • Keywords 
  • LSI Keywords 
  • Search Engine 
  • SERP

If not, you can check out the following piece in which I have elaborated on every term that is associated with content writing. 

Moving on, let’s talk about something you are actually here for – SEO article writing tips. SEO is something that every business owner who has a website, webpage, or anything online does to help their website rank on the top of a search engine. 

In my career of 6 years in the content industry as a freelance content writer, there are a few things that I have picked on over the years about SEO content writing. All of those tips, I am discussing here. 

First, let’s discuss a few benefits of SEO copywriting because, in my opinion,  nothing is worth learning if you have no idea of what it does.

Benefit Of SEO Content Writing (Copywriting For Search Engine) 

SEO copywriting is composed of 2 things – SEO + Copywriting and both of these components hold equal weightage. If companies have a great in-house SEO team and lack in their content front, it won’t be able to deliver the desired result and it goes vice-versa. 

When done correctly, here is what well-written, structured, SEO-optimized content does for you – It will help you rank better in search engine results for a particular keyword or set of keywords. Along with the obvious benefit, a good SEO article can also help you boost your sale, awareness, or increase website traffic. So, clearly, it is not bad if you have more and more content on different keywords ranking on the top of SERP (Search engine result pages). 

Now, the question is how to write good SEO articles? Following are some of the tips that you must follow if you are an SEO copywriter or even if you are looking forward to becoming a freelance content writer

Tips For SEO Copywriting | Become A Pro SEO Copywriter 

Research well to find the most suitable content 

When it comes to writing content, one thing that is obvious and must is to find all the necessary information on the topic you are writing. It is crucial that you research well before writing to enhance the quality of the SEO copy that you are preparing. 

How to find the relevant content? 

First, you have to understand the topic you are writing on and search for the keywords reflecting the idea of the piece you are writing. Once, you have the set of keywords, Google them one by one and go through the first few results, and note the key points from those pieces. Once, you accumulate the data, all you have to do is present it all together in one piece. This technique is called the Skyscraper technique. This way you can create effective SEO articles.

Use keywords naturally

Now coming to the major part of the SEO content writing – The Keywords. In my experience, if you are a freelance content writer like me, the set of keywords will be provided to you by the client, and if you are running a digital marketing company, your SEO team will be responsible to provide keywords to you. Once, you have the set of the keywords, all you have to do is follow the technique mentioned above in the 1st point. In case, you have drafted the copy of content already, go back, read, analyze, and edit it to add the provided keywords and if you are smart and were waiting for the keywords, you can draft the content from the scratch on the basis of keywords and distribute them wisely and naturally throughout the piece of content you are writing.

Choose keywords on the basis of the target audience

There is another scenario that I being a freelancer have come across. Well, this might be because I am an SEO freelancer as well. This is the scenario in which you will be hired to not just for your writing skills but for keyword research as well. In this case, you might need Google Keyword Planner to find the keywords. Before you start just typing the phrases, make sure you also refer to the related searches at the end of the SERPs. I personally love this technique. This technique has really helped me rank the articles I write. You must prepare a set of at least 3 Keywords if you are writing a 1000 word article and optimize it for them. 

Want to know more about it? Let’s talk. 

Structure of the content with headers 

Headers are important as the Google crawler tends to crawl the meta tags, title, and description first and then the heading tags, then bullets, and finally the body. Remember this. In fact, Cram this. This Mantra will help you structure the article in the best way possible. For example, in this piece, the above heading is put under the H3 tag. 

Add value by inserting links  (linking triggers) 

Nobody, remember NOBODY likes to read a boring copy of content online when there are so many interesting pieces available online. To make it interesting, adding links either internal or external can help you improve the performance of the article in terms of traffic. So when it comes to writing SEO content, I always prefer inserting both internal and external links. Where internal link helps to increase the engagement and decrease the bounce rate, there, external links help to make the piece more authentic. While linking to other websites, make sure you select only authority websites. 

Search Intent (The Three C’s) 

While working on search intent you must know about the three C’s formula of search intent – content type, content format, and content angle. First is a content type, meaning you must know what type of content are you preparing – whether it is a promotional piece, PR, case study, web content, blog post, or ORM article. Second – content format. With content format, I mean you must analyze and find out what type of content is ranking. Whether it is a listicle, opinion article, or news piece, you need to work on the format accordingly. Third – content angle. Find out who is your target audience who will search for this content and who will probably benefit from it. According to that find an angle to work on. 

Some More Tips About Seo Copywriting That I Follow To Rank Content

Besides the points that I have mentioned above, there are a few things that you should know about – 

  1. Choose the catchy Title which has the potential of attracting the target audience. 
  2. Write an effective Meta description & Meta Title 
  3. Add media to the content – make it more engaging 
  4. Add CTAs (Call-to-actions)

Final Words 

In the end, I hope that you are prepared to write an effective SEO article. As a freelance content writer, I have learned all these things over time that would help you write a perfect SEO-optimized content piece. So, regardless of whether you are starting your career in SEO content writing or you have to optimize the existing content, these tips will help you a lot. And if you need professional help you with it. All you have to do is contact me, and I can help you with it.

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