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FAQs About SEO | You Will Get Your Answer Here!

Here, I have accumulated answers to some frequently asked questions about SEO (Search engine optimization). I have been in this industry for the past 7 years, and over the years I have found people asking me these questions when I explain to them about SEO services. So, finally, I found time to list all these questions in one place for you to find answers. 

Frequently Asked Questions About SEO

Question 1. Why SEO is important? 

This is the first question that I have been continuously asked. Not every client is unaware of what SEO is, but most people often have this term confused with Digital Marketing. Coming straight to the point – SEO (Search engine optimization) is a part of digital marketing that is directly related to search engines. This is the process that involves the improvement of the website’s traffic quality by ranking your website on top in the SERPs. This is the traffic that is generated organically. 

SERPs stands for search engine result pages. These are the results that are accumulated and displayed by search engines like Google. 

Question 2. How much does SEO Cost? 

Trust me, this is a very popular question that I have come across over the years as a freelance digital marketer. SEO cost often varies depending on the scale you want to raise your business. To explain it honestly, I would say that there are SEO companies out in the market who will charge you pennies for their services. The catch, however, is that they tend to include only black hat tactics, which will deliver results only for a short span and will harm your website more than benefit it in a long run. A good Search engine optimization professional like me would offer you a long-term result by providing white-hat SEO services that will cost you between $500 to $5000 depending on the type and scope of business. 

Question 3. How long it takes to get results? 

The estimated time of getting any visible results is approximately 3 months. Although, there is no particular time frame set to get the results because it completely depends on the keywords you are targeting. If you are targeting a set of keywords that have high competition, it would take much more time than others. 

Whenever a client visits me with any SEO requirement, I first analyse their business, get a glance at the keywords they are willing to rank for, and then give them a tentative time frame for getting visible results. 

Question 4. How many keywords should I target per page?

As per the research I did and the experience I hold, I believe that targeting 3-4 keywords per page is a great way to move ahead. Remember, it is wise to target high-volume, low-competition keywords to get better results. But, this does not mean that you don’t have to work on high-volume and high competition keywords. Be smart about it and create a balanced set of keywords to target per page. 

Question 5. Can SEO keywords be phrases? 

Yes, definitely. One must always target long-tail keywords which can also be termed as phrases. Targeting long-tail keywords usually increase the chances of diverting good organic traffic on a website. 

These are a few SEO FAQs that I thought it important to share with you. I will keep adding questions to this list. Stay tuned for more…

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