How to setup google analytics

How to Set Up Google Analytics? A Complete Guide With All The Steps!

Setting up Google Analytics does not require extensive backend knowledge, which is suitable for all business owners. In fact, it takes only 5 steps to set up Google analytics.

Below, I am going to share with you these 3 simple steps to set up Google Analytics for your business.

Step 1 – Set up Google Analytics

Visit Google Analytics and sign up for the GA. Once you click on the Signup button, you will be taken to the “New Account” page.

Here, fill all the fields along with your website’s name and URL. The most tricky part here is to select your business category. You will have to pick from the preset categories. So, be sure to pick the most relevant one.

After you are done with this, accept the terms and conditions option below and hit next.

Step 2 – Getting the tracking code

On hitting next, you will be redirected to the tracking code page.

source – Google

Copy the tracking code. This is the tag that you need to add to your website to allow Google Analytics to start tracking your website. A tracking ID is something like UA-000000-1. In this 000000 refers to your account number and (1) is the number of properties associated with the account.

Step 3 – Inserting Code On the Website

Once you have the copy of the code, visit your website’s header file and paste the code after thetag. Once you are done pasting the code on your website, you will have to come back to Google Analytics and hit verify button.

Walla! You are done.

I hope this piece of article is helpful.


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