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  • Here, I have accumulated answers to some frequently asked questions about SEO (Search engine optimization). I have been in this industry from the past 7 years, and over the years I have found people asking me these questions when I explain to them about SEO services. So, finally I found time to list all these questions at one place for you to find answers. Frequently Asked Questions About SEO 1. Why SEO is important? This is the first question that I have been continuously asked. Not every client is unaware of

  • Right usage of SEO, Search engine optimization, services attracts the consumers to your online platforms. SEO services are the critical component of digital marketing that makes your website search-friendly to improve its rankings in organic search results. If you are the one looking for the latest SEO trends, this article is for you. What are you waiting for? Go and scroll now! Check out The SEO Trends For 2021! Let’s have a look at the top SEO trends in 2021 and consider which methods will continue to be important. Without further ado,

  • If you have landed here, you certainly were looking for some SEO content writing tips and if you have landed on this page by searching one of these terms (keywords) – Seo article writing, Seo content, Seo content writing, Seo copywriting, Seo articles, or Freelance content writer then this piece is definitely a good example of an SEO optimized content. Before moving on, I am assuming that you are aware of the following terms –  SEO – Search engine optimizationKeywords LSI Keywords Search Engine SERP If not, you can check out the following piece in

  • Connecting to the current rules and growing criteria on expertise, resources, information, and perseverance has been there for years. Much has been said that ties are a factor of ranking. Many SEOs concentrated only on content and web SEO and forgotten links saying, “We already know everything about links” But are they all aware of links? Here, in this article, we are going to discuss some best link building strategies in 2021. Before April 2012, by adding more and more ties, one could easily buy his ranking. A little more and

  • Want to learn how to optimize your images?  Fortunately, you can reduce the file size of your picture to improve the performance of your website. Some tricks and techniques from SEO agency Chandigarh will help you to reduce the file size of the image and keep it close enough to display it proudly on your page. Let us then understand how the photographs can be formatted without rendering them hideous and how web and output images can be optimized.  Choose the Right Format  You can easily choose the right format with help

  • The first place in Google’s organic search results is a battle uphill. But that doesn’t mean you can’t win just because it’s hard. You should surpass it even though you’re not at the top. How does it work? Is that even possible? Yes, you can – by requesting a featured snippet. In this blog post, you will talk about what snippets featured, how to optimize, and what are their benefits to SEO. Let’s continue.  What Are Featured Snippets? A snippet is presented like a block containing the exact reaction to your question. It is

  • A content management system or WordPress CMS system is a program that makes content easier to develop, edit, organize, and publish. WordPress is a content management system that enables you to build your content and publish it on the internet. While being mainly used for web publishing, it can be used to handle content on an intranet or a single device. WordPress CMS system allows users to have complete control over the files, documents, and content design and display. To publish content using WordPress, you do not need to learn a

  • Just as wheels allow the car to move, content cannot continue in a digital marketplace without an SEO strategy. SEO without content is a genius engine that doesn’t work anywhere, like a car without wheels.  Content optimization must be SEO in the media blog posts that block the internet these days, and Google reported that “information” is one of the top three organic search factors for its ranking. Yet, what is the meaning of this? Unfortunately, the search engines do not offer “high-quality content” checklists, and they probably do not. It means

  • The core Web Vitals metrics are an essential ranking element, Google has recently announced. You need to examine and optimize your pages to provide the best user experience. Previously, in Google’s Chrome UX Report, you could only measure core Web Vitals. Now that the Core web vitals have been incorporated into the rating algorithm, Google officially recognizes these reports in various tools. Page Speed Insights Recently updated Google PageSpeed Insights and now uses the new 6.0-metric Lighthouse. You can see them in parts ‘Field Data’ and ‘Lab Data.’ Chrome UX Report The CrUX report is a

  • SEO is a powerful tool that helps you fight the competition and grow. Not only does it offer you the visibility that your website required but also provides you leads that can provide growth in your ROI. Yes!! SEO can provide you with leads that can help you enjoy profitable growth with increased revenue for an extended period. In this article, let us get to understand in detail about How SEO Can Help you generate more leads for your business? What Is Search Engine Optimisation? Search Engine Optimisation is a digital marketing

  • Blogging has evolved to a great extent. The ever-changing technology has advanced a lot, and bloggers are earning a significant amount sitting at home. But it was not always the same.  It was almost unheard of when I began blogging in 2000, and there were virtually no resources to promote it. I hand-coded every page of my blog — including monthly archive pages, “older articles” pages, and so on. In the first few years, I hadn’t been a very prolific blogger! Today, with free tools that make adding a post as easy

  • Search engine optimization (SEO) is a continuously evolving digital marketing strategy. The year alone saw several changes to Google’s algorithm. SEO refers to digital marketers, site owners, and all sizes of brands, as it allows us to integrate the website into search results when someone types a request or talks about it. In other words, in SERPs, the visibility of the site is increased, and organic traffic is increased. Whether you’re a business owner who needs a summary of the top SEO trends, or an experienced marketer who wants your SEO plan

  • With a full-fledged website ready to hit the right audience comes the responsibility to make it reach the correct ones out there. By just creating a website that looks good and has a high content, you are not going to land in the right place. You made a website to generate revenue from it, right? Then why not to work a bit more on the technical side and optimize it in the right direction? Why Optimisation? The optimization has several benefits and offers you the right visibility to hit potential buyers. The